The Bulletin June 7

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Do not be surprised

The United States has no room in its heart for the Iraqi children. Its heart is hard as the embargo is. It has no mercy. It kills men, women and children. Over 5,000 under the age of five die every month. This is an act of genocide. Among the things that the United States is blocking, is the importation of one million pencils from Pakistan, and the excuse was that the graphite from the pencils might be used to paint the missiles war heads. What a flimsy excuse! Mr.Tawfiq Abdul Jabbar, Secretary of Education, stated that Iraq is in need to build new schools and it lacks the materials to do so. Schools have not enough benches and the students are sitting on the floor and classes are being held in shifts. Iraq was not able to build new schools since the unjust embargo was imposed on it by U.N./America. Books for children are scarce because there is not enough ink and papers for the press. Iraq needs billions of dollars to reconstruct its educational facilities and the U.S. is still blocking every effort to better the lot of the Iraqi children. Even pencils are forbidden to reach Iraq , because in America’s opinion , pencils are war material.

June,7 1997 By Ibrahim Ebeid


THAWRA - Russian parliament approves bill to boost cooperation with Iraq. - Iraq and China sign oil contract. - U.S. administration has held up the implementation of 200 contracts for the purchase of food and medicine. - More than 115,000 tonnes of food supplies to reach Iraq soon. - Third Turkish helicopter crashes in northern Iraq. - U.N. Security Council renews oil-for-food deal with Iraq. - Defence minister receives Sudanese ambassador. - Interior minister accuses Washington of delaying contracts for the purchase of spare parts for water purification plants. - Gulf Cooperation Council denounces Turkish incursion into northern Iraq.

- Morocco demands Turkey withdraw its troops from northern Iraq. - Editorial urges American troops in Gulf to go home.