Dear Adventist Today Editor

Bill Hughes

Septemebr 19, 1997

No one should ever deny the suffering and pain of the Jewish Holocaust. This would be wrong. But I did find Doug Kaischke's viewpoint (06/97) a little bit too much. In it, he gave the false impression that there was something historically unique about that God-awful event.

First, in this century alone, there have been other holocausts that deserve our attention, too, like the Armenians under the Turks, the Cambodians under Pot Pol, and the Russian people under the Josef Stalin-Lazar Kaganovich gang. It may surprise Mr. Kaischke that Kaganovich was Jewish, as were many of Stalin's top lieutenants, especially in the Ukraine, in his killing machine, In fact, it was Kaganovich, who was one of the signers of the order of genocide against the 25, 000 Polish Catholic officers in the Katyn Forest Massacre. He also personally ordered the destruction of the great Cathedral of Christ the Savior in Moscow.

Second, I believe that some of the more important lessons from the Jewish Holocaust have been ignored. Mr. Kaischke is right that "all people deserve to be protected from senseless violence and persecution." Yet, the silence from the Jewish community in America about Zionist Israel's brutal occupation of the West Bank, Gaza and southern Lebanon speaks volumes about complicity in the face of state-sponsored terrorism.

It is wrong always and everywhere for one people to subjugate another. When, if ever, are Mr. Kasischke, Steven Spielberg, and the Jewish Holocaust Foundation, going to publicly address, as a moral and legal issue, the desperate plight of the Palestinian people? When?


Bill Hughes

(Published in the "Adventist Today", a magazine for members of the Seventh Day Adventist Church, July/Aug. 1997 issue