The "Holy Messages Land"

Forwarded message: From: (Ibrahim Ebeid)

August 17, 1997

Dear President Clinton,

The Middle East is called and known as the "Holy Messages Land" where Judaism,Christianity and Islam came and planted roots for the Human Integrity with Peace and Mercy. From this Outlook, american administration should handle the regions problems. The outlook to this region must hold full Respect to its people especially those in Agony and with full Objectivity to solving problems with care and responsibility and not with humilation and biasedness.

Since the Turks, the region has been invaded by western occupations which under self interest the region suffered seriously by the the foriegn policy of divide and rule. Artificial boundries, therefore, were drawn among the "Arab Nation" which is up to now is well-consilidated culturally among all diversified population factions including the arab jews.

The American policy, so far, has been spelling a STRONG HATRED to arab nation, despite the variance in the magnitudes of the american-arab interest to each other. While the american policy appreciates the democracy in Israel and other world, it backs up heavily the non-democratic regimes in the region. With a mercenary attitude on one hand and fear of recreating another arabian civilisation, americans destroyed heavily an important strategic area in the region called IRAQ. It did not want to hit the Iraqi leadership which responsible for the gulf crisis. It chose to punishe a whole nation instead. It imposed severe and inhumanitarian measures on the innocent iraqis because it sees in each child a newly born SADDAM. Above all, the american policy fight terrorism but turns a blind eye on zionist and the Leckud terrorism practised by a formal authority and a member of the UN.

The Peace sposored by the american policy has failed because of the unobjectivity in the whole issue. This is attributed to the impact of the extreme elements of jews in its administration and partly to inadequate assessment to regional consequences that might come up for any reasons. This, however might result in negative impact on the USA and its interests in the region. It is expected that youths frustrations in the whole arab countries might turn their revolt to their regimes on individual basis where the american interests would be the execuable targets for such revolts. I just wonder, what would usa regime do (and some european countries) if such frustration went so far, and this is likely to happen if things continue to go bad as they seem to be heading to. It would be therefor, advisable for the american administration to review its Advisory Body and clear it from extremists for the benefit of its interest first, and for its leading role which its impartial attitude must be maintained to all international cases and particularly in the Middle East region.

Sincerely, An Arab-American