May 16, 1999

This also is a question of justice and truth.

I know that what fellows is true because I worked in Palestine as a priest and visited a lot of villages like that. At two villages, only a Monestary and Church were not destroyed by the Israelis: Latrun, Emaus (where there is a large Benedictin-Trappist, Monostary, ) and Rafat Where the latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem has a church (our Lady of Palestine with the Ave Maria in more than 100 languages and a school for orphans).

The3 Israelis have destroyed more than 450 Palestinian village.

Will the USA build a PALOCAUST Museum (A Palestinian Holocaust)

Fr. Labib Kobti


Date: 5/16/99 10:34:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time From: Bettym8 To: Bettym8 BCC: LabibKobti

The following from a Muslim woman, Samera Hussein, who lives in Maryland and who was selected last year as Citizen of the Year in Montgomery County.

<< I would like to share some of my experiences about this topic. I have two children who not only study this subject, they were supposed to visit the UNITED STATES HOLOCAUST MUSEUM in Washington, DC. Most school systems do that in Washington area. Both schools for my children scheduled the trips during the holy month of Ramadan. Both my children were fasting. The first one I took to the museum myself and explained to him that Israelis never gave me the chance to put my shoes on when they stormed my village at midnite. I was old enough to remember every detail. I have never seen my house again. They demolished my entire village and another two nearby. They built a settlement on the remains of my house, uprooted all the olive trees, and put an electric fence around it. These are the same people that are supposed to be the survivers of the holocaust.

If we Palestinians keep quiet, no one will ever know the truth about what the Israelis have done to us. I advise you to monitor what your children are studying. It is part of the 7th grade and high school curriculum. Ask for equal coverage about other victims. Do not take it out on the teachers; they are told to do it. Provide materials to the social studies department. Offer to sit on their advisory and evaluation committee. Continue to talk to them and to monitor what they do.

As one result of my work, the social studies curriculam was revised to include Middle East studies. It is a 6-week unit that includes ALL the Arab countries, Islam, and the Palestinian problem. I became an advisor and a speaker and a resource for the school system. I still have two more children to go through this. Thanks to Zeveiwolf who brought this topic up.