Canada and Israel

Eleanor Grant

October 6, 1997

The Hon. Lloyd Axworthy

Minister of Foreign Affairs

Ottawa, Canada

Dear Mr. Axworthy, Congratulations on recalling Canada's ambassador to Israel in the wake of the recent passport scandal. I urge you to use extreme caution before renewing any friendly ties with such a rogue regime. Please bear in mind that Israel has never once in 50 years abided by any agreement it has made or any U.N. resolution affecting it. Israel did not keep its agreement with Canada, originally made in 1981, to put a stop to the use of our passports for illicit purposes. Even when Victor Ostrowski exposed Mossad's misuse of our passports in his 1991 book By Way of Deception, the practice still continued. Why should we trust Israel to change its ways today? Please note as well that Israel has not expressed any regret for forging Canadian passports for use by its hit squad. Israel is only sorry that it got CAUGHT. Israel has never expressed sorrow for any of the successful assassinations it has carried out - including the murder of Canadian scientist Gerald Bull (of big gun fame) in Belgium a few years ago. I hope that you will seriously consider taking tougher measures against Israel this time, including termination of the free trade agreement which Canada entered into with Israel in Nov. 1996. The trade agreement was ill-advised even then, but all the more so now, since most Arab states are expected to boycott the regional economic summit in Qatar this November. By showing blind favouritism to Israel we could lose out on much business with the Arab world. Again, I congratulate you on your firm stand and I hope that your firmness with the Israelis will continue. - By the way, speaking of Victor Ostrowski, he is in urgent need of Canada's protection since he has been the target of death threats and other forms of harrassment in recent years. I trust that our government is giving appropriate priority to his safety. Have you mentioned the subject to Israeli officials? I hope that you will do so now, in the course of the present discussions.

With all my best wishes,

Yours sincerely, Eleanor Grant