Violation of The House of the Lord.

From Arab American Democratic Committee P.O.Box 3053 Guttenberg N.J.07093 U.S.A.

Tue, 1 Jul 97 07:28:

Ekeus and his team are not satisfied .They enjoy violating the rights of the Iraqi children to lead a normal life. Ekeus and his team always find a way to prolong the sanctions on Iraq and let the children starve to death.

The new scenario was the violation of The House of the Lord when ``One of the U.N. Special Commission (UNSCOM) inspection teams has committed today (June 18) ..a flagrant aggression against the Chaldean Mar Paulis ( St. Paul ) church and al-Ibtdaa' and al-Sanabil convents for nuns in al-Za'franiya area in Baghdad,'' Baghdad television showed footage of U.N. cars and inspectors in front of St Joseph convent and one of the inspectors entering the monastery.

INA said: ``The (U.N.) team intruded into the church and convents in a rude way amid protests of priests and nuns, violating all norms known by nations and religions.'' Iraq's Deputy Chaldean Patriarch Emanuel Dally sent a letter to Pope John Paul and U.N.Secretary-General Kofi Annan protesting against the inspection. ``Today in the morning, they intruded into the convent...It was a big shock for us...They entered the convent looking for destructive materials and found nothing,'' Dally told reporters of Western news agencies and TV networks who were taken to the site by the Iraqi Culture and Information Ministry.

He said that the convent, in Za'franyia area 20 km (13 miles) southeast of Baghdad, was inspected by one U.N. expert while four others waited at the doors. Baghdad television said Ekeus had ordered the team to inspect the church and two convents and showed a form of a letter signed by the UNSCOM leader to this effect.

``We strongly condemn this action and urge...all those of goodwill to try to put an end to such behaviour and work for ending the embargo,'' INA said, quoting Dally's letter of protest.