Subj:  A Letter to Clinton
Date: 8/26/99 11:28:19 PM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (Shelia B. Cassidy)

I don't expect this to do any good, with the stories that "pressure is
mounting to do something about Iraq, but at least they will know this
citizen objects to that, Israel, and DU.  Any care to join me?


President William Jefferson Clinton
The White House
1600 Pennsylvania Aveunue
Washington, D.C.  20500

Dear Sir:

     I am trying to overcome a sense that letters to public officials do
no good.  But I believe the actions of this government in foreign
affairs, carried out in my name, do not represent either a moral or
civil solution so long as we break the basic rules of humanity and
common sense.  To be more precise, let me focus on two areas:

     The Middle East

     In the Middle East we are supporting a nation, Israel, that is
daily bombing its neighbor, after having invaded that neighbor and
caused untold thousands of deaths.  The real justification for this
seems to be that they are the chosen people, and therefor, entitled to
do as they please. Somehow, I cannot beleive that God is a racist.
Instead, these people were first chosen to lead by their example, the
rest of the world to the One God.  To show justice and respect to
others.  Show me where they have done this, either towards the
Palestinians, or to their neighbors?  I have been there and seen exactly
what is done to non-Jews, and how land is taken away from rightful
owners every day for yet another Jewish settlement, or an extension of
an existing Jewish settlement.  How they refuse to issue building
permits to non-Jews, and then buldoze the houses when the owners are
forced to build without a permit.  And this is going on every day.
Should we discuss the many people kicked out of their homes in the
so-called security area that Israel polices with the help of the SLA,
which is nothing but another band of militerized hitmen?  And we wonder
why the Lebanese say no to the SLA and the IDF?  Meanwhile, with our
aid, we keep funding them!

2.  Our "UN Sanctions" on Iraq, which hace succeeded in killing over 1
MILLION CHILDREN who had nothing to do with the Gulf War.  Let's not
even go into the machinations before the war, or how evil the regime in
Baghdad really is.  It's real crime apparently was to say "no" to what
we wanted in the region.  I also have to wonder if the "sanctions" are
kept in place because this government does not want the world to know
the full extent of the devistation caused by the use of depleted uranium
weapons.  The latest tests on some of the British soldiers show that at
least in the one case, that of Shaun Rusling, after 8 years, he is still
passing 60% DU in his urine! Our own troops have been asking for years
for a complete investigation, only to be told it is not a problem.  Yet,
we have tanks that were hit by "friendly fire" during the Gulf War
burried in Saudi Arabia because they were to "hot" to be brought home.
And our weapons makers are selling this technology to the world!  Do we
not care about the civilians in the areas we have hit with this vile
weapon?  When Germany was defeated in WWII, it was fed and
rehabilitated.  What have we done in the Middle East?  We continue to
starve out the Iraqis, calling it  "UN" santions, when the world knows
that it is the US and Britain that hew to the hard line.  Presently the
US occupies the nation of the most holy places in Islam, and that is
exactly how our troop presence is seen by Muslims, and allows Israel to
wantonly kill as many Arabs as it pleases.  Is it any wonder, then, that
the US facilities and people are increasingly becoming targets?  How can
this be in our national interest -- to starve out Arabs on the one hand
and support a racist state on the other that is doing the same thing?

The Balkans

1.  We waited until the last minute to help the Bosnian Muslims, and
then jumped in when they started to win against the Serbs.  Then the
government paired the Muslims with the Croats to "Europeanize" them
again because of disturbing signs that they were starting to look east.
On top of that, we then "winked" at the deportation of Serbs who had a
right to be in the area.  So the US helped negate any good it was doing
in the area.

2.  Kosovo proved to be a bloodbath, not for Serb troops, but for
civilians. (we apparently hit as many fleeing Kosovars as Serbs
civilians, and far more than Serb Troops).   And will continue to be one
for generations due to the DU weapons used there.  The Pentagon says
they are not dangerous, but will not cooperate in telling where they
were used so that their effects can be measured.  Is there something to
be covered up here?  And is not ethnic cleansing wrong for both the
Serbs and the Kosovars?  How many Serb elderly will pay the price for
their younger neighbor's follies?  Are we disarming the KLA?  No?  As a
Muslim, I am outraged that the continued slaughter, this time of Serbs
by the KLA is also being done in my name.

Finally, is there some reason why it is not in the "National Interest"
to stand up for justice, cut our ties to dictators, and strive for a
really peaceful world in which all lives are sacred?  At the very least,
I ask the only nation ever to use atomic weapons to refrain from using
them and fouling the earth, and to quit making war on noncombatants.
As an American, am I asking too much?

Shelia B. Cassidy