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A Campaign to hold action in 100 cities worldwide

June 26 to June 30

June 1, 1997

Dear Friends,

On Friday June 27, hundreds of children in New York will lead a march to the United Nations. Their young voices will say to the Security Council, 'Let the Iraqi Children Live'. They will present petitions and messages from actions held in 100 cities worldwide.

The children, coming from schools, mosques, churches an day care centers, will arrive in all the color and vibrancy of youth. We urge you to join with them or to send messages for the children to take in your name.

More than 4,500 children under the age of five are dying every month in Iraq. One third of Iraq's surviving children have stunted growth and serious nutritional deficiencies that will deform them and shorten their lives. Yet the major media is silent about this crime which violates all standards of morality. A powerful international response is needed NOW, before the next vote of the UN Security Council on July 1. Your support and activism are critical for the success of this project.

This event is being organized in order to increase awareness, energize local activists, and form a united voice in opposition to the continuing blockade on the people of Iraq, and to all the blockades or attacks on defenseless civilian populations. Educational events, vigils and meetings will be held worldwide from June 26 to 30. The actions will culminate in mass phone-calls and faxes on June 30 to the UN Security Council. With one voice, in many languages, we will demand of the US government and the Security Council to End the Blockade NOW!

The UN Security Council reviews the blockade against Iraq every 60 days. The Children's March to the UN, the Protests, Teach-Ins and Educational Meetings in a hundred cities will take place immediately prior to the July 1st UN Security Council vote.

If it is helpful, we could provide you with an educational packet containing the following material:

a 28 minute video-documentary which can be shown at the meetings fact-sheets on the impact of the blockade on the children, health, environment, education, economy, and on the illegality of the blockade a petition demanding the complete and immediate lifting of the blockade sample letters of protest and addresses to whom to send the letters list of organizations working to end the blockade, and sending relief to the people of Iraq suggestions for future activist work

Your support and activism can make this a strong international statement. Voices in unison are powerful. We urge you to consider using this time frame to once again organize an event. We have already received confirmations of planned actions from more than 37 cities in 10 countries, and the list is growing daily. (listing of the cities sponsoring the Teach-Ins and a listing of the countries sponsoring the Teach-Ins )

All that you need to do *now* is contact us and let us know that you will sponsor a local action and begin organizing and publicizing the event. We will help to put organizations and groups in touch with each other and publicize all the event to the media.

In solidarity with Iraqi Children,

Rania Masri Iraq Action Coalition E-mail: IAC@leb.net Fax: 1-919 846-7422

Sara Flounders & Kadouri Al Kaysi International Action Center E-mail: iacenter@iacenter.org Fax: 1-212 633-2889

Suhair El Soukk Arab-American Women's Friendship Association Fax: 1-212 599-2911

This campaign is supported by: The Iraq Action Coalition (IAC), International Action Center (IAC), and International Relief Association (IRA), American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee (ADC), Voices in the Wilderness (VitW), Arab-American Women's Friendship Association, and International Commission of Inquiry on Economic Sanctions (ICIES). If your organization is interested in joining this campaign, let us know by contacting the Iraq Action Coalition or the International Action Center.

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