The latest US Senate shenanigans

97-06-20 1

From: JnWorrell

You may find of interest these two news items from Israel News Service. The blatant bias of Sen. Spector and his allied pro-Israeli/anti-Palestinian propagandists in the US Congress continues to reach new depths. No trick nor tack is missed to deny any serious attention being paid to Israel's injustices and acts of defiance of international law and human rights practices. Nor is any opportunity missed to lift even a ridiculous rumor of alleged Palestinian misdeeds to the level of congressional or executive investigation-- thus keeping before the media and the masses their claim that Palestinians are not to be trusted and that it is imperative for the US to do more for Israel without asking any embarassing questions.

Peace. John ****Forwarded items****

Spector Calls for True Investigation (SNS News Service -Israel-6/20) US Senator Arlen Spector has demanded that US Attorney General Janet Reno move ahead in her investigation of allegations that Yassir Arafat had prior knowledge of the Arab terror attack on the World Trade Center buildings in New York City, four years ago.

The announcement was made by Likud Deputy Minister of Education Moshe Peled about three months ago. At that time, after hearing of his announcement, Spector requested that Reno conduct an investigation.

Reno's results were less than acceptable to Spector, who then demanded a real investigation.

Attorney General Reno has made an official request to Attorney General Professor Elyakim Rubinstein to have US officials meet with Peled and question him on his statements. Peled and Rubinstein agreed to the request.

This week, Peled will meet a representative of the US government, together with the CIA's Israel representative, to discuss his information.

Spector has already expressed his anger over what he called Yassir Arafat's continued irresponsible spending of foreign aid. Should Peled's information pan out, it is likely this will be the catalyst for Spector to stop all US aid to Yassir Arafat's PLO Authority.

Senate Approves New Embassy Funding (SNS News Service -Israel-6/20) The United States Senate passed a bill approving $100 million for the relocation of its Embassy from Tel-Aviv to Jerusalem.

Before the bill approving the spending becomes law, it must also obtain approval from President Clinton, who has stated his objection to the move.

Clinton has emphasized that such a move at this time would only further aggravate the already stalled peace talks.

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