Arafat entrusts his flock to wolves

By: Ali Baghdadi (Arab Journal-Chicago)


Aug 14, 1997

Arafat does not seem to comprehend a simple fact that all Palestinian children learned in first grade: one cannot entrust the sheep to the wolves.

It is common sense! It is easy to grasp! It never worked in the past! Why should the Palestinian "President" think it is going to work now?!

It is irrational! It is also stupid! May God help the Palestinians! Palestinians tried and the results were always catastrophic. All Palestinian attempts to gain American sympathy for their just cause have failed. Palestinian efforts to convince the American administration to pressure Israel to give peace a chance, and allow them to return to their towns and villages, as demanded by the United Nations resolutions, never materialized.

Unfortunately, Palestinian blind trust in America and the principles propagated by the founding fathers contributed a great deal to the tragic conditions and miserable state of affairs which Palestinians have been living under for the last half a century. The American wolf will not protect the Palestinian flock!

As a matter of fact, the technologically sophisticated sharp teeth and claws in the arsenal of the American wolf have enabled the Israeli wolf, as a tiny cub, to crush its Palestinian and Arab victims. The American wolf is he who gave the Israeli wolf its illegitimate birth certificate and the needed ammunition to occupy Arab land and keep four million Palestinians in exile. Arafat has just asked the Central Intelligence Agency to oversee security cooperation between the Israeli secret service and the Palestinian intelligence. The CIA station chief in Tel Aviv will participate in the joint sessions of Palestinian and Israeli security officials.

The United States is expected to be an "honest" broker and stand on the side of truth, a role that Washington has always been unwilling or incapable of playing.

If neither deranged nor senile, then Arafat must have a short memory! He does not have to dig deep in the American history to know the true nature of the beast! Nor does he have to examine the American Indians-Alaska Natives' tragic experience!

Only a month ago, on July15, to be exact, the United States was the only country, in addition to Micronesia, to vote against a U.N. resolution condemning Jewish settlements on confiscated Arab lands. A couple of weeks earlier, the United States cast the only vote against a resolution demanding $1.7 million dollars in reparations for the survivals of the Qana massacre in southern Lebanon. Instead of negotiating permanent, just and lasting peace with the Israelis, Arafat capitulated to Netanyahu's demands and discussed only security-- Israeli security! He accepted to be a watchdog guarding Israeli Jews who usurped Palestinian land-- a shameful position to which no leader, with any degree of dignity, would agree.

Arafat requested the American presence to be witnesses to his performance and effectiveness. The Israeli leader has quickly forgotten Arafat's services and role in aiding the Israeli intelligence services in the cold blooded murder of Salamah and Ayyash, the two young Palestinians who were responsible for a series of daring attacks that shook Israel. The Israeli Prime Minister called for the annihilation of Hamas and Islamic Jihad and the destruction of all their charitable organizations, including the badly needed orphanages and medical and social service institutions. He also handed over a list of about 230 Palestinian activists that Israel wanted to arrest and silence.

Arafat wanted to assure the world that there was a reliable witness and a fair and just judge who would testify to the seriousness of the Palestinian "anti-terror" effort which the PLO leader has been undertaking since his arrival in Gaza. To "reward" Arafat for his efforts, Secretary of State Madeline Albright, a ruthless Zionist wolf in the Clinton administration who condones the death of children to achieve Israeli objectives, agreed to make a visit to the Middle East. But the woman, who lately "discovered" her Jewish roots and has just used the American veto twice, in the Security Council, to block resolutions that were unfavorable to Israel, wants Arafat to be a "good boy". He must deliver or else. "What we want to see actions, results," she told reporters. "We consider it essential that the violence be stopped and everything be done by Chairman Arafat to make sure that the infrastructure of the terrorist groups is dismantled and that he make 100% effort in order to make sure that the terrorist activities do not take place," she added. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on his part said that he was not impressed by Arafat's pledge to cooperate with Israeli security. That alone is meaningless. "We'd like to see them act against the terrorists," he said. "We'd like to see them stop the incitement for violence, we'd like to see them collect the bombs, we we'd like to see them do all these things." In the meanwhile, Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes and the confiscation of Palestinian land continue to go on. Hostile Israeli policies and the provocative practices by Zionist extremists and settlers, that force Palestinians to fight back, will not be addressed.

If the Palestinians would go along with the U.S. brokered "peace" process, America promised the Middle East will be an oasis of freedom, prosperity, tranquillity, liberty, safety, cooperation, equality, respect, civility, understanding, love, and brotherhood.

All are no more than empty slogans. The results are catastrophic, more miseries, oppression and despair! Politicians, more than any others, seem not to have learned from history. With all its military might and oppression, Israel has failed to bring the Palestinian struggle to an end. It is nonsense to expect Arafat to succeed! No wolf, watchdog or any other beast, foreign or domestic, can deter Arab "suicide' bombers from blowing themselves up among Jews who occupy Arab land. No one can stop young men and women from sacrificing their lives to free their people. When one chooses to die so others may survive, this is a revolution that no one can stand in its way! Just NO one can! This is a fact! When will the American and Israeli wolves understand?!