1999 EMEU
  Evangelicals for Middle East Understanding
 National Conference

 November 4 - 6, 1999

 "Middle Eastern Christians in the Islamic Context: Lessons from the Past, Prospects for the Future"

 San Francisco Bay Area
 Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church
 1801 Lacassie Avenue
 Walnut Creek, California

 Leadership includes:
  Archbp. T. Aphrem Aboodi, Syrian Orth. Archdiocese, Patriarchal
 Vicar for Canada;
  Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub, Professor of Islamic Studies, Temple University;
  Betty Jane Bailey, Author:  "Living Stones Pilgrimages";
  Dr. Ray Bakke, International Urban Associates;
  Marilyn Borst, Missions Pastor, First Presbyterian Church, Houston,
  Dr. Gary Burge, Wheaton College, Wheaton, IL;
  Tim Dearborn, Dean of the Chapel, Seattle-Pacific University;
  Tom Getman, Director of  World Vision, Jerusalem;
  Garth Hewitt, Musician; Pastor, All Hallows on the Wall;
  Dr. Riad Jarjour, General Secretary, Middle East Council of
  Amal Marks, Presbyterian Church USA; Director of Arab Ministries;
  Dr. Mitri Raheb, Pastor, Bethlehem Lutheran Christmas Church;
  Dave Robinson, World Vision International;
  Fr. Emil Salayta, Director of Education, Latin Patriarchate;
  Robert Seiple, Special Rep. of the Secr. of State for Int'l
 Religious Freedom;
  Dr. Harold Vogelaar, Lutheran School of Theology, Chicago; and
  Dr. Dudley Woodberry, Fuller School of World Mission

 Conference schedule


 5:30 PM Registration begins
   Book tables open

 6:30  Reception

 7:30  Opening session
EMEE: Dr. Gary Burge (Wheaton College, EMEU Board Secretary)
     * Music (Garth Hewitt & Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church choir)  and prayer
Welcome prayer Rev. John Westfal (Senior Pastor, Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church)
     * Testimony of "Faith & Faithfulness" Seema Dajani ( Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church)
     * Opening Address:  "Middle Eastern Churches and Western Christian Responsibilities" Robert Seiple (Special Representative of the Secretary of State for International Religious Freedom)


 7:30 AM Registration & coffee Book tables open

 8:30   Biblical & Theological Study, Chair Sue Johnson (EMEU Advisory Board)
 "Church, Mission and Christ in the Middle
 East" Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb, (D. Theol., Pastor of Christmas Lutheran Church, Bethlehem)

 9:15  Music (Garth Hewitt) & Testimony

 9:30 "Introduction to the History and Theology of Islam" Dr. Dudley Woodberry ( Former Dean, Fuller
 Theological Seminary School of World Mission; Pasadena, CA)
     * Discussion Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub (Professor of Isleamic Studies, Temple University)

 10:45  Coffee break

 11:00 "Islam and the Future of Christianity in the Middle East" (PANEL)
Chair Dr. Edwin Aponte
Rev. Dr. Mitri Raheb
Fr. Emil Salayta (Director of Education, Latin Patriarchate Priest in Birzeit, Palestine)
Rev. Gendi Rizk (Pastor, Coptic Evangelical Church, Alexandria, Egypt)

 12:30 PM Lunch

1.30 Special Presntation: "SAT VII"

 2:00 PRACTICUMS: Models of Faith in Action (Choose one session)
    I.   Sister Church Relationships
    II.   Alternative Travel and Pilgrimage
    III.   Christian Relief & Development
    IV.   Youth Ministry and University Exchanges
    V.   Peace, Reconciliation & Conflict Resolution
    VI.   Christian Advocacy with Middle Eastern Christians
    VII.   Celebrating the Millennium Faithfully

 3:30 Break

 6:30  Dinner

 7:15  Musical presentation (Garth Hewitt & others)

 7:30 Worship
Chair: Rev. Lynne Faris (EMEU Advisory Board)
Music: Walnut Creek Presbyterian Church Choir
Special Presentation
Sermon: Rev. Tim Dearborn (Vice president, World Vision)


 7:30 AM Registration and Coffee Book tables open

 8:30   Biblical and Theological Study - Rev. M. Raheb
Chair: Don Comell (EMEU Advisory board)

 9:15  Music (Garth Hewitt) & Testimony

 9:30 Dialogue:  "How Muslims View Jesus and Christian Evangelism"
Chair: Marylin Borst (Vice President of EMEU Baord of Directors)
     Dr. Mahmoud Ayoub - Professor of Islamic Studies, Temple University;
     Dr. Mitri Raheb
     Dr. Dudley Woodberry

 10:30 Coffee Break

 10:45 "What Middle Eastern Christians Need from Western Evangelicals" (PANEL)
Chair: Rev. Lynne Faris
     * Tom Getman (World Vision);
     * Fr. Emil Salayta
     * Rev. Gendi Rizk

 12:00 "Challenge to Action:  What Are Our Responsibilities as Western Christians"
Chair: Rev. Don Wagner (Executive Director, EMEU Board of Directors)
Dr. Ray Bakke, International Urban Associates, EMEU Board member

 12:45 Lunch in Small Groups
     Theme:  "Where Do We Go From Here?"

1.45 Discussion: Where do we go from hewre? Small groups report

 2:15   Closing worship & Prayer

 2:45 Benediction

 >>> Trips to San Francisco Sites will be available <<<

 7:30 PM Arab Cultural Evening hosted by Dr. Fr. Labib Kobti, St. Anne of the
 Sunset Roman Catholic Church, 850 Judah Ave. (near 13th Ave.), San Francisco

Special performances at the Arab Cultural Evening:
RAKS EL BADU, by LifDance Theater, Lorna Zilba and group
Solo by Greg Angelo: Derwish - Mystical dance of 1300 BC

 Please, for registration and questions write  directly to: