Tel Aviv airport off limits to Americans with Palestinian backgrounds

Posted on Jul 31, 2015

Christian village of Taybeh (© Custodia Terrae Sanctae)

Dr. Maria Khoury writes from Taybeh:

While people across the globe are enjoying these summer months with the freedom to travel, American citizens with a Palestinian background are not allowed to use the airport in Tel Aviv to visit their homeland.

It was frustrating to read this account I am sharing with you because I thought about my own son who wants to travel for our Taybeh Oktoberfest, and Ben Gurion airport is less than 45 minutes away. Although born in Boston, he is not allowed the convenience of using his American passport.

It would be a pure miracle if Palestinians too could have the same basic human rights and freedom of movement as everyone else. It would also be a miracle if the new checkpoint Israel put at the entrance of Taybeh could just go away.  Every time I want to exit the village, I repeat to the Israeli soldiers that we are in a peaceful location, but they make us go crazy with their treatment.

Occupation is becoming harder than ever to explain to my friends, but we pray and hope for better times!

Also, please allow me to wish all of our Eastern Orthodox Christian friends a blessed Holy Dormition fast for August.

Glory be to God for all things!