Stunned and shocked, Marie Khoury writes from Taybeh

Posted on Dec 8, 2019

As much as I am in disbelief of so many things, I was stunned and shocked that while I was at church praying until 2 AM in an all night vigil for St Philoumenos last Thursday, Israeli settlers burned a truck belonging to a Taybeh resident in front of the Greek Orthodox School where he lives.

I am just beside myself that we are being peaceful and praying while this evil and cruel action happened in our village. And actually, for those who might remember, St Philoumenos of Jacob’s Well was brutally killed [by a group of fanatical Zionists in 1979] because he had refused to leave St Photini’s Church. So I thought this evil action was completely strange and weird timing. And, in reality I did not want to tell anyone about it because I was hoping it was not true. Besides, I was under the impression the Israeli settlers in my area were friendly; after all, some make beer and wine like us. May God help us!

From this most ancient place in the Holy Land, we pray and hope to keep the Light of Christ as it has been done for 2000 years. And, as I stare at the lights of Jerusalem every night from my kitchen window, I am reminded Christ is the Light of the world. Christ is eternal life. Christ is born for your salvation!