Still at the beginning of a long journey

Posted on Mar 30, 2020

Regarding the pandemic, Rima Tarazi writes from Palestine

Needless to say that our thoughts are with all during these very difficult times in the history of the human race. I hope you are doing well and coping with the challenges as best as you can.

Living in the comfort zone of a century soaring with scientific and technological achievements, never, in our wildest dreams, did we foresee that a minute invisible virus could shake the very roots of our existence and our grand schemes for a better world.

Well, here we are, now, as helpless as crawling infants trying to uncover the mysteries of their world.

Will these times shock us into rethinking our priorities by mobilizing our joint efforts to save our planet and our lives instead of continuing to hurt and destroy one another?

Let us hope so.

With every menacing, dark cloud, there is a silver lining. When human beings are faced with disaster, their only salvation is to mobilize their efforts to make the best of this silver lining, turning it into an outburst of light which will illuminate the lives of all human beings indiscriminately.

We, in Palestine, are coping as well as we can. We are still at the beginning of a long journey as everything is at a standstill.