Social TV magazine with Luce Orya Meitleman

Posted on Dec 5, 2019

Social TV magazine with Luce Orya Meitleman brings you a peek of our work:

  • A Day with the Shepherds in the Jordan Valley Reveals a Slap in the Distress and Humiliation they Experience from the Settlers Backed by IDF Soldiers
  • The Story of Hamada Roma, Palestinian athlete from Jericho, whose career was interrupted by false arrest
  • Vered Eyal- Saldinger, a graduate of the Peace Journal program, presents the article she did in the program – “Partnership for Hope – N.A.I.M.A.” – about a group of Arab and Jewish women from the Galilee.
  • In our split “Behind activism” dedicated to activists – meeting with Yael Sherer, an activist, director and filmmaker, who has been active for years for the rights of victims of sexual assault.
  • We seal the magazine with Unboxing the concept “administrative detention”.

Israel Social TV is an independent media organization (NGO) working to promote social change, human rights and equality.