Samia Khoury: Women are doers who give us hope

Posted on Dec 27, 2019

Samia Khoury

by Samia Khoury of East Jerusalem

As 2019 comes to a close, I send a message of hope for 2020. Let me start by bringing up the election of Ms. Mira Rizek, the National General Secretary of the YWCA of Palestine as the World YWCA president during the November meeting of the World Council in Johannesburg, South Africa. The event is one of the highlights of our year, because I feel that, maybe, it was a good omen for the recognition of Palestine through this great and oldest women’s world movement whose priorities have always included important issues as human rights, refugees, climate change, disarmament, among others, often long before they were considered issues on the United Nations platform.

Any outstanding achievement by women always gives us hope because women are especially sick and tired of all the rhetoric that we hear by the men politicians; we are doers. I do not want to generalize, but from my experience–especially in volunteer work for many years, work that focuses on the common good–women do excel. Of course, we have seen very bad examples of women not in accordance to that theory, so I would like to exclude them from being role models.

Nevertheless, I had hope that justice might eventually prevail when Fatou Bensouda, a woman from Gambia, and chief Prosecutor of the International Criminal Court (ICC), ruled against Israel recently in moving toward a full war crimes probe. Of course, all hell broke loose in Israel, and it will not hesitate to block any action by exerting pressure, as usual, through different ways and means that we have become too familiar with.

So the question remains whether the Prosecutor will stand firmly for the principles of the ICC, or will she cave in like so many other world leaders or heads of commissions? I have a feeling she won’t, because Israel has made a mockery of International law for too long. Its use of false justifications to be considered above the law, something that has been humiliating for the International Community, cannot hold water any more. So it is high time that those crimes of Israel be fully exposed and that the guilty be prosecuted. Israel needs to pay a price for flouting International law and for its ongoing dispossession of the Palestinians ever since 1948. Otherwise the law of the jungle will eventually prevail, and those governments and bodies who have either shielded Israel or turned a blind eye to its actions will be paying the price themselves.