Samia Khoury: Flotilla gave hope to people of Gaza

Posted on Oct 29, 2016

Palestinians waiting for women’s boat in Gaza Photo: EPA

by Samia Khoury

From past experience with other Freedom Flotillas sailing to Gaza, I am not certain whether those women human rights activists were sure that they will be able to reach Gaza.

Yet their determination to challenge the blockade gave hope to the people of Gaza that they are not being abandoned and forgotten.

But when Israel can get away with blocking the arrival of the Zaytouna-Oliva on its peaceful mission and kidnapping the thirteen activists including some distinguished women without any compunction, then there is something very wrong with the application of international law – a law that has been hijacked by those in power whereby some get away with their violations, and others are sanctioned.

With every new election in the US and with every new appointment of a UN Secretary General we continue to hope that Israel will stop being treated above the law – being the spoiled and pampered child of the US. No wonder the world is in a mess, and my heart aches not only for the people of Gaza but for the people of Syria who are being sacrificed while their country has become the battle field for the big powers.