The Right to Resist
The Israeli Occupation of Palestine

This webpage is calling for a nonviolent resistance the way Ghandi, Martin Luther and Nelson Mandella did.
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The Right

The RIGHT of people to RESIST the occupation of their land is universally recognized principle.

* The Patriarchs of Jerusalem have affirmed that “it is the right and the duty of an occupied people to struggle against injustice in order to gain their freedom.” At the same time, they also asserted that “non-violent means remain stronger and more efficient.” (Patriarchs, Nov. 9,  2000).  Text at      Full text on,
* Ali Abunemah: "It is a specific violation of international law to threaten reprisals against a civilian population under occupation, for attempting to resist occupation forces." Read the whole article
* YMCA:They make us slaves, without dignity, and all we can do is resist. We have the right to resist occupation, without killing other people because killing will lead to more killing and violence will lead to more violence. Nevertheless we have to protest strongly, since Israel will never think of compromising if the Palestinians are not protesting  ." Read the whole article
* Patriarch Michle Sabb of Jerusalem: Palestinians have the right to see the end of Israeli military occupation of their territories, occupied in 1967, and to create on them their independent state. As long as the occupation lasts, they have the right and the duty to claim their land and their freedom and to organize resistance in order to reach this goal. But we affirm again, that in this resistance, only the ways of peace can lead to peace.Full text

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" We have only to to go to Lebanon, to Syria, to Jordan, to witness first-hand the intense hatred among many people for the United States, because we bombed and shelled and unmercifully killed totaly innocent villagers, women and children and farmers and housewives, in those villages around a result, we have become a kind of Satan in the minds of those who are deeply resentful. That is what precipitated the taking of hostages and that is what has precipitated some terrorist attacks" Ex-president Jimmie Carter, in an interview for the New York Times, on March 26th 1989

Why we have the HUMAN RIGHT to RESIST to Israeli Occupation?

Because they have taken our land.
Because they destroyed our houses and burned our farms.
Because they built settlements on our land and throw us out.
Because they committed war Crimes and masscres against our people.
Because our REFUGEES have the Right to Return.
Because thousands of our Activist people are imprisioned without hope of freedom.
Because it is our HUMAN RIGHT, as any people in the world,  to resist Occupation.
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What the religious leaders are asked to do?
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