Dear Friends,

Bishop Riah’s Family Under Attack.
Greetings from Nazareth and Happy New Year to you all.
Heading to work on the morning of January 9th, 2007 my blood raced through my veins as I saw that we have been brutally attacked.  The windows of my car were smashed and brought into small pieces.  The four wheels leveled to the ground.  A hammer left inside and blood spots on the white body of the car.  My eyes were wide open.  Speechless, tearless, nailed next to my car, I reached my pocket and dialed a number that seemed longer than usual.  On the other side I heard Bishop Riah’s fresh morning voice.  I told him: “we have been attacked.”  

Police officials referred to the incident as “pesha’a”.  The Hebrew word for crime.  

Trying to grasp the idea while tying up the series of recent events that were designed in the darkness especially to defame and character assassinate Bishop Riah, I quietly whispered to our Lord: Cain and Judas Iscariot are still alive. It might take some time before the police is able to locate or arrest the evil doer or doers assigned for this crime.  In the meantime, I urgently repeat the very same question: WHY NOW?!    Since January, 2006 and very shortly after the election of the coadjutor bishop, some have taken up the mission of destroying Bishop Riah’s reputation and perhaps his and his family’s lives.  One year has passed. It is time to speak up.  Bishop Riah’s so called opponents seem to have lost touch with humanity. No wonder some referred to those as enemies of God.  Having failed to reach Bishop Riah, they have criminally taken their outrage on a car.  Different telephone calls said more will follow.
Later in the day, giving my testimony, the police officials said: “It is definitely not a coincident. You are being targeted.”  (My car was parked next to a number of other cars. Why mine?!)  

The riddle is not so puzzling.  Small, envious, demonic brains cause big harms.  I had to alert and remind the police officials that I have already filed a case (at the Police Station) against one of the suspects who on August 28th, 2006 drew very near to me, raising his fists and threatened: “if you do not move I will do something criminal to you.”

Any human, rational, logical reasoning would agree with the Swiss Philosopher Henri Frederic Amiel who once said that: “the test of every religious, political, or educational system is man.  If a system injures the intelligence it is bad.  If it injures the character it is vicious.  If it injures the conscience it is criminal.”  

 Only vampires live by sucking life out of others. Reaching the mountain of success by injuring the integrity of others, is climbing up on a most dangerously inhumane crime.  

 It is indeed sad that the situation has left us no room for more silence. More patience from our side will only allow for more crimes.  We cannot tolerate the continued turning up side down of matters.  Lies and crimes shall not make the innocent become the accused. The end shall not justify the means.  Assassinating other people’s reputation and executing other people’s achievements has never been a human Christian way forward.

I trust that many of you will join us in the deepest Mount of Olives prayers.  Lord have mercy upon us all.

 Yours Very Sincerely,

 Rania R.
Bishop Riah’s Assistant
Nazareth Office