Renovations completed at Italian and French hospitals in Nazareth

Posted on Jun 2, 2017

Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem

NAZARETH – Hospitals need refurbishing to keep up with the fast developing technology and provide quality care. The Italian hospital of the Holy Family and the French hospital of Saint Vincent de Paul had renovations and new equipment installed to continue to provide quality care and services.

MRI device inaugurated at the hospital of the Holy Family by the Minister of Health

On May 18, 2017, the hospital management and staff welcomed Israeli Minister of Health, Yaacov Litzman, and other Ministry officials for the inauguration of the new MRI device at the hospital. With this innovation, the Italian hospital has become one of the few in the country to benefit from this equipment. At the inauguration, a formal request from the hospital, supported by municipal authorities, was forwarded to the Minister to acquire a PET-CT unit to study biological activity, anatomy and morphology of organs.

Church leaders in Nazareth were invited to the inauguration: Bishop Giacinto-Boulos Marcuzzo, Latin Patriarchal Vicar in Israel; Bishop Kyriakos, Greek Orthodox Bishop of Nazareth; Anglican Bishop Emeritus Riah Abulassal, and other priests. Members of the Knesset, the municipality of Nazareth and representatives of local institutions in the city were also present.

Dr. Bishara Shqeir, representating the “Fatebenefratelli” owners of the hospital; Dr. Ibrahim Harbaji, medical director; Mr. Ahmad Tibi and Mr. Ayman Odeh, members of the Knesset, and Minister of Health, Mr. Litzman were present for the inauguration. The latter encouraged the three hospitals in Nazareth to unite and distribute the roles so that each hospital specializes more strongly in a specific field.

Many renovations for Saint Vincent de Paul Hospital

Meanwhile, the French Hospital had several renovations. Sr. Dorota of the Daughters of Charity and Dr. Nael Elias of the hospital leadership organized a ceremony on May 23, 2017 for the blessing and inauguration of the new meeting room and internal conference halls, and the renovation of the official entrance of the hospital, the pharmacy and the patient admissions center.

This ceremony was attended by Mrs. Catherine Crosnier, Consul General of France in Haifa, Bishop Marcuzzo, Father Antoine Nakad, Superior of the Lazarists in Jerusalem and Provincial Visitor, Sister Madeleine Bustani, Provincial Visitor of the Daughters of Charity in the Middle East and the hospital staff.

Mrs. Crosnier, Bishop Marcuzzo, Dr Elias and Sr. Madeleine congratulated and thanked the benefactors and all the volunteers who helped with the renovations. A special thought was directly addressed to Mrs. Hanan Haddad who conrtributed substantially to this project. She also donated a painting which will be displayed in the new meeting room.

The various speeches were followed by the blessing and official inauguration, all were able to tour the new premises of the hospital.