Abdallah Mughannam

Abdallah Mughannam born in Ramallah, Palestine, January 15th 1907 worked as a teacher from 1926 to 1967 in Madaba, Jordan and Ramallah Palestine. He was awarded by the Jordanian Ministery of Education as one of the best teacher at that time. He used to live in San Francisco, California. He was interviewed 1989 by Friedhelm Ernest, M.A. from the Free University of Berlin, Germany and in 1999 by Fr. Labib Kobti, Parish priest of the Arab-American Roman Catholic Community of San Francisco. These interviews are great Oral Historical document on the history of Middle East, Palestine and Ramallah.

Mr Abdallah Mughannam died on May 6, 1999 in San Francisco, the funeral was held by Fr. Labib Kobti at St. Anne's of the Sunset on the 9th of may, 1999.

Important Oral documents