Prayer form the underground

Lord God of all, of us,-of our fathers, our mothers, our children. Yea Lord the fount of our being, our cause. We thank and praise Thee. Teach and lead us in Thine own fountain, Lord, of the sacred fluid of life. As in the river of Life, may we flow freely, joyfully together. Let us flow as a river, Lord. Let us flow on. If Thou shouldst cause and divert an underground stream, Lord, May it be in the joy of Thine own presence, and not in secret hiding. Not in hiding as that of our parents in Eden. Shed upon us foliage of the tree of the land and clothe our nakedness That we need not hide our countenance >From each other, or from Thee. Lord of all our being, we seek The Presence. May absence and denial never seperate us from Thee or the other. Lead us from the separations of hell to The Presence, we pray. To the light and joy and truth of The Presence. For we love Thee. Thou God art *our* God.

Len Byler, Anacortes, WA