Receiving this message in truth, is recognition of how far you have come
along the path of healing. Give thanks to God for the blessings serenity

In the past, we never knew this peaceful place, with its freedom from evils
and tortures of this life, for this life, not for Heaven and the Hereafter.
It is through a patient desire to be kind, honest, truthful and
compassionate, that we find the courage for our healing inner selves to gain
the wisdom of trusting in our faith and submission to the will of our God,
and that we come to know and understand our closeness to God, Exalted and
Blessed is He, and our selves along the path of Serenity.

Serenity is a fruit-bearing branch from the tree whose roots bind up all
evils, squeezing the existence from them, allowing only the Goodness and
Light of the healing from the One Who loves us:

Honest leads to serenity, and patience issues from it. Grief, anger, and fear
are resolved in its embrace, while trust and faith are nourished by serenity
and love thrives in its presence.

There is a place inside our being where serenity dwells. Take time each day
to nourish your self with the comfort to be found there. For it is from this
place of tranquility and peace that all truth begins. Become familiar with
what serenity means in your daily life and daily struggles, share your newly
found serenity with your community, your family, your friends....teach them
by example how to step onto this path, and how to remain on it.

Without serenity, wounds are slow to heal, festering in their evil-making
mischief, while in its presence, all things are possible. If serenity is
absent from your world, and you are still riding the merry-go-round of chaos
and denial, ask the Divine, Exalted and Glorious is He, for the guidance and
strength to face your life with courage. And if you feel your serenity
slipping away, know that God will restore it to you through the power of
prayer....all is to you if you ask for it, seek it sincerely and you shall
find it.

Pause for a moment and remember above all to stay in the present and live
your life one day, one moment, at a time. We do not know if we will be here
on the morrow, and we cannot change what has already happened from the time
before. The clear and simple message of this is:

"Practice daily your Serenity "

When you seek God, Almighty and Glorious is He, He seeks you more. When you
walk to Him, He runs to you. When you run to Him, He comes to you with a
speed faster than you can ever imagine...and stays ... eagerly awaiting your
acceptance and your worship, bestowing guidance and love, mercy and
blessings. Within this path is your serenity.

The beauty and power of serenity are expressed in a prayer adapted from the
words of Reinhold Niebuhr, words read and spoken daily by millions of people
all over the world:

" 'O God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the
courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference."

These words are a gift containing all the elements of Divine Love, very
simple, it is not complicated, neither should your path be complicated...nor
your strivings in these lessons. When you allow true serenity to fill your
days and your nights, you are truly on the healing, balanced path, and your
journey is destined for success.