Prayers for your needs

        Prayer for all of us

        Lord Jesus, you made from the whole humanity one family when you taught us the OUR FATHER. We do believe that OUR FATHER "who art in heaven" is the ONLY REAL FATHER of the whole world. He is the Father of the Jews, Christians, Muslims, and any other religion, people or ethnic group.

        We believe that we are brothers and sisters under the wise love of our same WONDERFUL FATHER "who art in heaven". We believe that we can form from the whole world one family, one VILLAGE, if we do love each other.

        Our Father guide us in your wisdom and help us to meet each other by changing our hearts and our minds. Make us see in each one we meet a brother and sister of the Same FATHER "who art in heaven". Give us peace that comes from You, a peace based on justice and truth, You who are our God, Yahweh, Allah for ever and ever. Amen

        Prayer for your family

        Lord God, Creator and Sustainer of life, watch over our family gathered in Jersus'name. Guide and guard us, keep us united in love for one another. Let your grace be our support in whatever emergencies may lie ahead.

        Show us, Father, how to put the past behind us, give you our best today, and place our tomorrows in your hands. Bless our laughter and tears, ease our sorrows and fears. Teach us to appreciate every gift from your paternal heart. Amen.

        prayer for peace

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