It is in Your name O my God, that I live and that I die.


O Merciful God, Exalted are You, all Praise is for You, to whom all hearts
are open, all secrets known, hear our prayers. Amin.

The proper prelude to all things is prayer, for it is through prayer that we
practice the worship of the One True God, Exalted and Glorious is He, in our
lives. In our faith, His presence is practiced through our prayer.

Whatever your concern may be, place it in the hands of The Creator, Blessed
is He, through prayer. For prayer nourishes with love the good desires of the
heart; it quiets the troubled spirit and summons to our cause the highest
good for all concerned. Each time our actions are blessed by prayer, we
invite the Exalted and Blessed to guide us and give us His permission, to
share in our dedication and submission to Him and this gives us the path to
our goal of pleasing our Lord.

With nothing in our hands to which we cling, with listening minds and lifted
hearts, we pray. With nothing in our inner selves but the desire to please
our God, with nothing in our desire but the peace of His Love, we pray.

The message of prayer is always a timely reminder: Pray when you feel
uncertain, fearful, alone. Pray for the well-being of those you love and
those you wish to love. Pray for the opening of your heart and the opening
and softening of those whose hearts have yet to come to His Light and Grace.
Pray when you are happy and content and at peace within your self, pray when
you are grateful for the very smallest things and when you are within
turmoil, thank Him, Glorious is He, for each blessing in your life and the
lives of those you  are worshipping with, and the ones who are in need, and
the ones who are not in need, and the ones who will come after you, and the
ones who came before you, and the ones who died, and the ones who are
surviving and struggling, and the ones yet to be born or just born.

Pray out loud and in silence, pray in tears and with smiles. Remember your
Creator Who created you to worship Him and start your worship through your
prayer. Pray alone and in groups, in dark and in light, in open fields and in
closed halls. Talk to your God, Almighty and Blessed is He, through your
prayer, in silence and in loudness... He is right in front of you when you
pray, you do not have to pray to anyone but Him. He alone answers all
prayers. He Alone Sees All and Hears All. He Alone Knows All, the Hidden and
the Open. Pray! Pray in the tongue you know and pray in the tongue you are
learning. Pray!

O my Most Beneficient God! We ask that prayer be second nature to us now,
deeper than a habit, the very lifeblood of our existence. Amin!

Truly, now receiving this message, we pray for healing. For the healing of
childhood wounds, and the addictions they engendered. We ask for the healing
of our bodies, our minds, and our hearts. For the righting of injustices, and
the mending of damaged lives. For the permanent cessation of violence and an
end to all abuses. We pray from the bottom of our hearts for Your Love, and
Your Light to fill each soul You Created, to come and seal the door where
evil dwells forever, for Your angels to be sent to scrub our hearts from the
rust gathered in each of them, for the inner peace we all seek so
desperately, for the tears we cry to You to turn to petals which carry the
scent of Your Heavens, for Your Guidance to become examples of the patterns
You have sewn for the rest of the world to follow. We pray. Amin!

Above all... we pray for the precious care of our very souls, and the souls
of the ones before us, may You be pleased with them and have mercy upon them,
and shower them with Your Blessings, and the ones to come after us, and the
ones to come after them. Amin.

With our prayer, let us ceaselessly and tirelessly pray for the lives and the
piety, and the blessings on our children. Among the sweetest of all our
prayers of gratitude and thanks giving, from all cultures, all peoples, all
directions, we come bringing our prayers of praise and submission to the One
True God, Exalted and Blessed is He! Praise God! Our King! Our Light! Our
Creator! Our Guider! Our Knower! Our Compassionate and Merciful God! Amin!

We pray that our prayers turn to praise on our lips, without a conscious

No matter what is happening in your life, this message is saying: Take time
to offer up your prayers!
 It takes five minutes to offer a prayer, it takes an hour to come up with
excuses why you cannot do so, and then it takes a lifetime of attempted
repentance to rid your self of the guilt and shame and selfishness and
foolishness and fear you feel for all of those missed opportunities to pray.

 And know this, as surely as you know anything; even when you are not
speaking to God the Exalted. in prayer, He hears you. Your every breath is
recorded, your every utterance should be a prayer or a remembrance or a
praise of Him, Almighty and Glorious is He.

Remembrance....praise.....prayer, our most sublime acts of worship.