"Serene is the one whose own heart never lies, who knows what patience means
and still can be patient".

In truly receiving this message, you are being asked to show patience in some
part of your life. If you are one who has endless patience for others and
almost none for your self, this is a reminder: Since the starting place for
healing and recovery is always the self, take time each day to give your self
the gift of patience. Acknowledge and appreciate your own efforts, and be
grateful for your progress along the path of growth and healing. On the other
hand, if you have all the patience for your self and none for others, you
have a long road on the healing path and should soon start on your way.

 St. Thomas Aquinas reminds us that patience is part of courage, and that
sometimes courage requires us to wait. When you are healing, you must allow
each step to take place in its own time. With the practice of patience come
perseverance, trust, wisdom.
Judging, comparing, needing to know why, these are never your allies.
Patience is your ally. Judging is only the right of God, Exalted and Glorious
is He, comparison leads to envy and coveting, and seeking too many answers
when the questions still remain only leads to dissatisfaction.

If you have received difficult or troubling news, find a quiet place to be
with what you've learned. Consider whether the situation you are facing is
part of life's endless coming to be and passing away, or part of that which
abides. Turn your troubles over to God, Almighty and Blessed is He. Even in
our seemingly darkest hours, patience speaks to us and comforts us, saying:
"This too shall pass". Are you indifferent, patient or frustrated when He
tests you in your faith? Do you rush and pray for everything to be finished
or do you accept your allotment contentedly and become patient and grateful?
Do you care what is your path and trial?

For some, truly receiving this message is a reminder that, as with all
things, patience too has its healthy limits. Whatever the case may be, you
are encouraged to learn the difference between patience and denial. If in
your present situation you have been waiting too long, then patience is no
longer a virtue, but a test of your self to your self and out of the limits
that God, Blessed and Exalted is He, has set for you. For what do you wait?
Have you not been shown the way clearly? Are you in self denial of the
answers given to you?

What stronger evidence can there be that you are truly healing than your
willingness to live your life patiently, consciously, one day at a time,
according to His Will for you? As you contemplate this message, remember that
the Will of God is at work in your life, and that patience is one of Love's
master teachers. Patience is one half of religious duty.

By adding patience to serenity, you will reach a place of acceptance, and you
will look with serene eyes upon a faith that no longer withholds from you the
love you were born to receive. Be mindful that patience is essential for the
recognition of your own process which, in its season, leads to the harvest of
the self.