Palm Sunday
By Fr. Labib Kobti
April 8, 2001

Everybody is excited. Everybody has his own plan on that day, 2000 years ago. It is a great day for some. It is a day of challenges for others.

I cannot understand you. I want to understand!
Do you see what you are doing?
Do you see that I am nervous, frustrated, unhappy?
I am loosing my head. Just stop it, stop it ....
I cannot take it anymore, anymore..
I just want to die, I am looking for somebody to kill me..
To shoot me, I want to finish my life..
I cannot understand my people

And Jesus looked at him dancing, screaming, chanting, breaking branches of the trees on the road, calling the children of the streets giving them palm and Olive branches, giving orders to the others, spreading cloches under the feet of Jesus and then the mule.

And Jesus was shaking his head, trying to speak to Peter. Peter was so busy, he was not listing to anybody, he was giving orders here and there, to the disciples, to the people, to the children, looking on the street going up to Jerusalem, he was preparing a great triumph. After all Jesus will be pushed by this fact on the ground to announce himself the real King of Israel. Everybody after all is screaming: Hosanna to the Son of David, the King of Israel! Blessed is he who comes in the name of the Lord! Hosanna, Hosanna.

Jesus tried to call on the other disciples John, Matthew, Andrew, Philip, "Please stop it, stop it enough, leave the people alone, why you are doing that..." ...nobody was listening they were all busy, unable to hear the voice of Jesus who disappeared on the load screams coming from everywhere: Hosanna, Hosanna.

This was their day, the day of Peter, the day of the disciple. They have never been so active like today, the Palm Sunday. This is their day of Triumph. We are getting the people we are conquering Jerusalem without swords or killings after all Jesus do not like violence.

And Jesus' was so unhappy, so unhappy that same day.
They do not see, worse, they do not want to see.
They did not want this day for me, they want it for them, only for them.

They do not want to see that I came to serve and not to be served
That I came not to become a king but a slave, one like them
That I came to heal their bodies and become a healer but to save their souls
That I came not to create a new religion but to make form humanity a temple of God's spirit
That I came not to create divisions but to build love, cooperation, sharing a new world order where love is the Only Law.
I want them to form one body, one soul, one heart under one God and one Kingdom: LOVE
That I came to give them their daily bread, the real water the spring for eternity
That I do not want anything for me, I want them to be happy and my happiness will be complete if they renounce sin.
That I want them to change their way of thinking, their way of living the word of God
That I want them to work for Justice, Peace and TRUTH

For years I lived with them. I am from their flesh. I know their ways, their life, their thinking, their dreams, their fears, their challenges; I know them that much that I wanted to give my life for them.

Do you see why I want to die for them. I know them perfectly that only my death can change them, I wish I have any other option. They do not see they do not want to see.

And again do you see my frustration when I saw them crying Hosanna, bringing people for here and there to walk me to Jerusalem ...
They want to win for themselves, they wanted to make me a king for them, (at the service of their own party, Republican or Democratic plans and not at the service of the people).

What they have one 2000 years ago you are doing it again and again.

You are using me, abusing me with your ugly religion, with your ways of discrimination, for your only earthy dreams, with your short cut thinking for a better life, better world.

You cheer me up one day and down the other day. You do it for yourself, not for me.
I know that you will scream in few days: "Crucify him, crucify him" and your Hosanna did not come from the deepest of your heart.

I know you enough, I became human so as to live what you really are.
Perhaps my death on the cross, as ultimate sign of my love, will make you understand, perhaps, perhaps ... That I loved you that much ...

I am waiting for your "Crucify him" in just few days.
For the moment keep the Hosanna for yourself.
I love you to death.