Our Father's Work of Art

God is Our Heavenly Father. God chose me. I did not choose God. I am God's continuing work of art. I reverence myself through time for exercise, a rest, and nourishment. God will give me the gifts needed to proclaim and express God's word if I ask. If at time I feel more confused and challenged than called and gifted, however, I reward myself by acknowledging my weaknesses and limitations, and my dependence on God. I then celebrate my gifts with love notes from God, Our Father. I tape "Our Father danced the day I was born!" on my bathroom mirror. I leave a "Father is here" message in my wardrobe or "Father gives me what I need" inside my refrigerator. I can write "I am capable, I can do this" in my leading folder, and as I prepare my weekly scores, I repeat often, "Lord, help me be a message of God for my folks this week. May it be your words and thoughts I give them."

When going on the freeway, or stopping for a red light, or just waiting to pick up one of my children, pause and breath out "How I love you." Each time I take the garbage out, I ask God to help me get rid of any garbage in my life that keep me from being all God wants me to be. When I watch beautiful sunrises or sunsets I declare, "Oh Father, I love and adore you." As I open doors in my home or place of work I say, "Help me be open to you."

I thank Lord for unmade beds that keep me warm and comfortable, for dirty dishes that are a reminder that food is plentiful, and for noisy kids who slam doors or leave a mess because they are healthy and able to run and play. In my relationships and my efforts to be real to people, I find God, Abba, Dad, Papa. God talks to me through everyone and in everything. In the old century spirituality, believers often called this activity the practice of recognizing the presence of God, our Father. I'd just need to get better at sensing the divine during the day.

In Christ, Marie Pascale.