Marriage Encounter in My Prayers

Once upon a time, in a far far away kingdom, there were a prince and a pricess wedded. They lived happily together in an old castle full of laughter, far from their Father's kingdom. Their companion was in a perfect harmony until one day. Their Father's enemy, a wicked witch found their place. She covertly heard their laughter ring, and saw their beauty shone; with a full heart of hatred innersefl she gained a deadly plan. Having sent her pet crow to find way invading the castle, meanwhile, she gathered all the poisson herbs grown about, simmering the poissonous potion, offering then to the coupled lovers. Their directive atention was now centered at the wicked influences. They were then lost into a space empty of laughter.

O God, in the name of Jesus Christ may I challenge the wicked witch walking in the very steps of my Lord God' s cross way, thus, being a lamb of God instead, vanishing the house empty of laughter. May I ask You to move in with the coupled lovers as Marriage Encounter is on the way searching your salvation. O God, Marriage Encounter, thus, according to your will of continuing love, lives, delivers to the wedded lovers an everlasting joy and cherrish love. I thank You, God, my Loving God.

Amen. In Christ, Marie Pascale.