When I am in pain, I trust you Lord

Lord Jesus,

I do know that everything in the World you did it for me so as to make me happy.

Yes your LOVE as you are the GOD of LOVE cannot do but that: to make me happy.

Everything, yes everything my beloved Jesus you made it for me to make me the best ever; holy, happy, shining, strong, good for everthing ...

Lord I do ask you to forgive me because sometimes I do not appreciate your gift of LOVE.


I do not know how to see in everything your Love, your Holy Touch,

O my only and very beloved GOD and LORD,

Let me confess it to you in the very secret of my heart, my DEAR LORD, and say it as simple as that:

Yes I do love you, yes I do thank you, yes I do want to work for you, with you, in you.

GIVE the wisdom to see everything then trough you in you, with you.

My Family is the great gift of love from you, my work, my schoo;, my friends, my house, my country.... Everything

With big CHALLENGES I found day after day that everybody has his own to love. As I have my own way.

Their way not my way, help me LORD to appreciate their way of loving me, and the others, and help me to love them and the others.

I may not understand thier way, but I do understand that they are yours, they are good people, good hearts wonderful gifts of your Almighty LOVE.

Thank you LORD for them.

Yes Thank you, with you who LOVE them the WAY THEY are, the way innocently sometime as they are,

I want to love them with you, in you, through you,

and smile to any difficult as I see you smiling to me and saying I am there with you, in you loving them through your heart, our heart,

a heart of GOD and a heart of Man, as I am Man and God.

In you my manhood continues to to survive in the world

and in me your godhood will survive in HEAVEN.

Lord thank you for your wonderful LOVE.

I love you.

From Fr. labib Kobti