The sacred hand mirror of truth now lies in front of you. Will you not pick
it up in silence, and without fear....look into your Self. Are you being
honest? With your self, with the ones around you, with your Creator, Exalted
and Blessed is He ... or ... do you run from the reflection of your inner
self into the safety of the shadows and deceptions? Into the arms of
satan[may God curse him!].
To be honest with one's self is where all healing begins and Truth and Light

If you are only now learning the simplicity that is born of true honesty,
take a moment to remember the very first time you admitted to your self or to
anyone you loved, the depth and truth of your feelings. Be grateful for the
relief you will feel and the wisdom you gain by laying down the burden you
have carried for so long. Lies beget lies, half-truths are only falsehoods,
not telling truth brings misery....why exist in the false light of lies, they
only turn rancid as the lakes of the Fire of Hell, and eventually they will
cause you to drown into their depths.

For some, truly receiving this message, is a sign that the days of hiding
from your self and from others are over. If, however, those days are still
upon you, meditate on the saying "to thine own self be true"
[Shakespeare]....for if you cannot be true to your own self, then you cannot
possibly be true to anyone else, even God who Knows All and Sees All. How do
you think it will end for the ones who are dishonest? Always, the truth
prevails in the end, thanks to God, Exalted and Mighty is He.

Honesty opens locked cupboards in the heart. Being honest is one way of
relieving pain. If you find that speaking the truth is still difficult,
perhaps the very reason you received this message is to remind you to ask God
for the courage to try again.

Consider if you will, Honesty's position. It is a reflection of Wisdom and
Serenity. Between those two also comes the boundaries we spoke of in the last
post. Between the boundaries of wisdom and serenity lies the frontier of
honesty. Once you reach this place, life is easier, for it takes less effort
to be honest than dishonest. When you deal honestly with life, your body, and
your heart will create boundaries for you...boundaries that support you while
you take the steps to change, and step by step on the Path of Truth and
Honesty, Wisdom and Serenity will become an ever greater part of your life.

In truly receiving this message, you are reminded that there is less of
everything, less hope, less trust, less faith, less to life itself, without
rigorous Honesty. The moment has come, this message is saying, to make a
searching and fearless moral inventory of your feelings, your ways of
thinking, and your actions. And to remember that, when honesty goes, it takes
serenity, wisdom, peace, and the True Light with it. The seeds of the courage
to heal can only grow in honest soil.

No one punishes for honesty, but everything is lost with lies.

It has been said that among the attributes of the well-nourished self are the
ability and the willingness to nourish others. Honesty nourishes the soul
even as it fosters healing.

 As the years go by and the course of our life changes, it is the ability to
be honest without selves that provides us with the opportunity to teach not
only ones we are near now....but also the next generation ... that there is
both honor and power in speaking the truth.