I know why you gave me life. All it is because you love lives.

Certainly, I thank you now and always With every fiber of my heart For having lit up in me The divine spark of light in the vast Uncertain (incomprehensive (?)) universe.

I know why you created light And darkness Happiness and Despair, good and evil Love and hatred Creation and destruction Matter and void And allow us Between two to make a choice.

And I know (for a certain?) that it is My duty and joy to throw down My gauntlet for light, Brightness, compassion, goodness, happiness, Truthfulness, life, beauty, and love.

I wish to embrace You, Definitely. But I could only feel You (am I sure?), Love You (certainly?) and know (definitely?): --You are pleased for us become NOT At long last a rivalry, war, weapon, Hunger, horror, unjust, Unkind, mindless, thankless, Hatred, and sad planet.

Guide me and walk me through my life That I am enlightened with your Holy Spirit To eternally believe This is your Planet, the Planet of Loving God.

Please! HEAVENLY DADDY! Please! In the name of Jesus Christ! Amen.

In Christ Marie Pascale.