Guilt is a Reminder:

In truly receiving this message, remember to let the constraints of the time
serve you in righting your relationship with God, Exalted and Glorious is He,
and with your community, and with your self. Use this moment to bring quiet
to whatever sense of confusion or sadness or anger you may be feeling. There
is nothing you can do to change what has already occurred. You can only
change your path with acceptance of past events and turn it over to God.

Guilt feeds on conflict. If this message relates to you, if there is a
situation for which you feel blame, all you can ask of your self is to face
what has occurred honestly and directly, own it, take responsibility.....and
then do what ever you can to resolve the conflict and to restore if not
harmony then at least balance through the permission and guidance of God,
Almighty and Blessed is He.

Guilt fosters healing by reminding us of the need to make amends. For those
who seek to heal the situations from the past, for what was done or left
undone- this message councils you to open your heart and act. Is there a
letter to be written, a call to be made, someone you must sit face to face
with, a prayer to be said, repentance to be made in all sincerity? Now is the
time to bring order, clarity, and peace to the chaos of the guilt ridden
situations you may be harboring.

When taking action to make amends is impossible, or inappropriate, amends of
the heart through best intentions are always heard. Often the most profound
healings occur when God's words are felt, not spoken. This is the mirror of
powerlessness, faith and love.

If it seems the conflict will never be resolved, allow your self the feelings
of powerlessness. Experience your feelings fully, and then release them unto
the One who looks into all of our hearts and knowledge of the truth
therein.Learning how to let go of the things we cannot change is a crucial
part of the healing now under way in our world, it releases the arrogance of
our own ignorance into the hands of the Lord, and replaces it with His
guidance, which is the only Truth without Guilt.

If you are truly receiving this message, in response to your concern about a
misstake you feel you have made, our Lord is unambiguous : we all make
mistakes! No guilt need be attached to our little mistakes, for this is how
we learn. Endless self-blame has no place in healing, these are only the
teachings of man, not of God, Exalted and Blessed is He....He teaches us
forgiveness, repentance, and healing through faith.

The anxiety engendered by guilt shakes our trust, distorts our judgements,
and clouds our perceptions. For to live with guilt constantly is to sabotage
the self, and walk in the playgrounds of satan [may God curse him!] with
heedlessness to the repentance asked of us and forgiveness that is given to
us if we could only get beyond our own guilt. Guilt is a dragon that guards
the toxic waste of the has no place in our futures.

When we feel guilt, we feel anxiety and shame, we slowly poison the self to
the reality of our own mortality and responsibilities, we forget or refuse
praying, we forget or refuse to fast, we forget compassion and become bitter,
we go on to poison the rest of the community due to our own festering wounds
of guilt and our refusal to admit or see that we are worthy of forgiveness
and compassion from the Most Forgiving and Most Compassionate. This is not
healing for us, it is man's poisoning of us.
If on the other hand, you are feeling no guilt, you may be wondering why you
are listening to this message? Perhaps you read it so that you might consider
the question of restoratioin of faith in our troubled times, the rebuilding
of the faith in our selves, our communitities, faith in those we love and in
our families, friends, and your guilt at making others feel guilt, or your
ability to spread this message to ones you know need to release thier own
guilt, or ones bitter and unforgiving of even the smallest mistake in others.

Think of Guilt as the harboring of festering sores that lead quickly to
infectious disease plaguing of the community. Remind all to forgive
others....forgive your others find forgiveness and teach them
the message of repentance through sincere prayer to the One Who is
Oft-Forgiving and Most Compassionate.

There is no place for festering guilt in a sincerely repentant society of the
faithful. There is no place for guilt in a society of faithful who have
learned the true meaning of what is faith and love, trust and mercy,
forgiveness and compassion to all creatures, great and small who were Created
by the One Who Created us all!