'O my God, send to us your angels of mercy to scrub our hearts clean of the
rust and blacknesses gathered there, bring to us once more the enlightenment
of Your Pleasure of us so that we may be eager to stay in Your grace and
favor, amin.

The Depths of Grief:

Look deep into the care of your heart, study it for a moment and then truly
ready to receive this message. For the heart is where the deepest memories of
grief are held in silent shadows, and where grief's wounds will finally be
healed. When the heart is pure and clean, only then can it be considered
healed and whole.

Rare indeed is the life that has not been touched, or will not be touched, by
grief. Whether the grief felt is in the present, or an old sorrow you are now
strong enough to face, remember; Without the experience of grieving, you may
never move beyond that which has caused you so much sadness, so much pain,
nor will you feel true compassion or acceptance,  a mirror of grief. Be it
the death of a child, spouse, a friend, a parent....all gone but never truly
mourned, feel your grief and embrace it. For it is in the depths of grief
that we come to know the value of life. This is one of the valuable trials we
must all enter into and come out of.

Ask yourself if this is a message to you. Or is it sent to connect you to the
grief of another ... someone who is overwhelmed with grieving and sorely in
need of a healing friend simply to listen or share their tears, to assist
them in finding the healing side?  Grief wears many masks. Remember this
whenever it is the heart of another you are being called to care for,
we are not here to only tend to the care of our own hearts, no...we are here
to also tend to the care of the hearts of our brothers and sisters, mothers
and fathers, sons and daughters, husbands and wives, our communities and
close neighbors. If you do not feel compassion for the grief of others, know
then that you will be taught this lesson yourself.

In regret, grieving takes another form; regret for what was done or left
undone, for what was said or never said. Grief can also serve as a gentle
reminder to make amends where you have wronged another, to do or say what you
know in your heart will heal the past. Sometimes feelings of regret or loss
arise when we fail to take advantage of an opportunity. We tell ourselves:
"It was the chance of a lifetime!", and we, in our own ignorance of supposed
misery, grieve for what we've missed. In looking back, acknowledge that your
path lay elsewhere, and make your peace with what was not to be allotted for
you, and make your heart content with the acceptance of what He has allotted
to you.

If you have been too long alone with grief, this message brings to you a
reminder that you have been insincere in your healing. The time has come to
mourn an old sorrow, and for others it heralds the end of a long period of
grieving. Grief is not given to you for you to dwell upon for the rest of
your wear as a shroud, it is given to you to show you compassion and
faith. Either way, know that even the deepest grief when fully felt, will
lessen and soften over time, when given over to the acceptance of the trials
it entails. There is a calm to be found on the far side of grief, a peace
unknown to those who have yet to grieve, a wisdom in a simple faith, a
maturity in the deepest spirituality.
If nothing else, truly receiving this message calls us to spend time in
prayer for the patience of grief for ourselves and others, the wisdom to
accept our allotments without regret, the ability to practice and truly love
with kindness our community, and the expulsion of the grief of  one who is
unable to come to the far side of the trial, gratitude  for all the blessings
you have received thus far and will continue to receive through the One Who
tests and rewards, may He not find us lacking in our sincerity and abilities.