In daily life, we like things get done.

Having time, but when the only thing done is WAIT.

Meditation. The youngster said: "it, I do not understand."

Question she asks: "What is the point again?"

And she asks again and again.

Least of time, prayer much, she could understand

As when she asks God for the right things, true?

The point of meditating?

Is it just LISTENING and WAITING for God?

"Stress relieved (?)" she keeps ask,

Handling it, nothing.

Working to get what she wants, she is good.

But PATIENT, she is not---nor

Is the human race in general for this.

The Tower of Babel from Genesis (11:1-9),

Recalls not only sin but did perilous impatience,

WAITING for God to come, unwilling.

For themselves, ascending unto heaven,

The people built a tower so tall.

Into a diversity of languages, God confounded their common tongue

For God chastised their impetuosity.

No longer communicate, nor thus longer cooperate

Could they do a task of such proportions.


The undoing of Babel:--Penticost.

Continually blessing the divine name,


the disciples, in place of presumtuous pride (Luke 24: 52 - 53).

Descending the Spirit of God from Heaven upon them

Instead of ascending to heaven they got its fruits.

In celebrating, the punishment of Babel

reached TRIUMPHANT by the Power of Spirit,

never return us to the previous state, and God is noticed.

Restored a unity language, but not,

Only each other we understand the diversity of language been persisted.

We, human are no longer divided for the miracle of the Penticost.

The task, thus, we take to lay ahead---making the disciples from all over the world.

Thank you God for the impatience undo, the PATIENCE got rewarded.

Fruits of Holy, those are what we must thus need to be well nourished.

Bless us with the charity, which we always practice.

Provide us the needs of a cautous against

"making an atonement with hatred,"

a remind "Anger is positive, hate destroys,"

or "whoever hates his brother, hates himself."

HEAL the disciples O Lord;

please get them back to a fired and windy state.

In the name of Jesus Christ. Amen.

In Christ,

Marie Pascale.