The Divine:

Divine love is present in each of the seasons of the heart, the season of
conception, the season of growth, the season of settling, and finally...the
season of reconciliation of one's life.

Throughout our lives, that love nurtures us, comforts us, inspires and
teaches us and, at the end, calls us home. Divine love, divine inspiration,
we are all familiar with these terms, but what is the Divine? It is God. The
One True God, the One Truth in our lives...Exalted and Glorious is He!

When did you first begin to know this love or seek it? Was it in the
innocence of your childhood, or was it through adversity or loss that you
began your search? Was it through the guidance of another, the wiser, the
believer who spoke to you of His Path? Did you feel it in your heart one day
to reach out for your Creator's Love to surround you? Haven't you always
known there was a power greater than yourself guiding your life?  Yes, of
course you have. Whether you cursed it, begged it, prayed to it or tried to
ignore always acknowledged it in some small way. You always
knew...and so now you must come to the full enlightenment of this Power. This
power is God, Exalted and Blessed is He.

The fact remains that no matter what your acknowledgments of how you come to
Him, it is Him who puts the desire in your heart. It is He who puts another
in your path, who brings to you a trial too large to handle on your own...who
makes the proud ones fall headfirst into a situation so humbling they have to
grasp onto Him for their own survival and grounding of reality. No one comes
to Him without His warranting it, creating it in the heart, allowing it to
happen, unveiling of the darkness into His light. That is the fact of faith
that no one wants to admit until they have truly submitted their selves to
Him, Almighty and Glorious is He.

Through all of the world's religions, from temples to churches, mosques to
mountainside pavilions, within all of this there is a base desire, a
fundamental need that drives us all. It is a need for the guidance and love
that is conditioned only upon the merest of acts....submission to One Who is
Our Creator...and that need will only be fulfilled upon our acceptance and
return to His Love and His Path and His Truth.

Receiving this message truly allows you to a gentle reminder to hold your
self in the presence of God, Exalted and Blessed is He, each and every day,
do not let go of this, and do not allow others to let go of this, for it is
truly the one saving grace in each of our lives.

O my God, forgive us all our sins; the tiny of them and the great of them;
the first of them and the last of them; the open of them and the secret of
them; O my God, forgive us, bestow mercy upon us, guide us, mend us, pardon
us, and grant us sustenance. Amin.

His servant,
 and your sister ....