The Holy Cross of Jesus

Dear sunken wood which the Savior embraced and to which He clung bring His love to me and strengthen me to carry Him to all who see in strife only grief and pain

Buoy me to shoulder you from weakness and in favor with sorrow and in greatest joy hold me to hope's fervent watch so all your splinters are but a blink of His eyelash on my pride, clearing it away.

Dear wood, sustain us in suffering and offer your support while we are bent with sin bring forth all our fears to be washed away by the tears of Christ left behind on you

O saving sign lift us from the plight of seeing only wrath in you for when we bear your weight it is Jesus whose blood floods through us and His pain that heals

Dear broken timber felled in our hearts, our Father's grace, be a constant presence of the sanctifying gift by which we are made whole

O tree of outpoured life meet us with your Master through the nail marks sought not cowed but conciliated in His surrendering balm Show us in your stain-blessed burls the innocence of love.

Amen, blessed cross.