Courage is faith in action.

The amount of courage you choose to have is determined soley by the action
you decide to take.

Truly receiving this message indicates you know that you are being asked to
recognize and honor the courage and strength of your own spirit, it is time
to do so. As you do, you will grow in the understanding necessary to begin
your journey, or continue traveling the road you have chosen, and to face
with wisdom whatever challenges the lessons that particular path brings.

Anyone who has been sorely tested, suffered through the death of a loved one,
been critically ill, recovered from an addiction or broken the silence of
abuse, or is facing a fatal illness, knows well the courage it takes to heal,
and journey onward. The insight from these transforming experiences gives us
hope and teaches us that the reward for courage is wisdom and faith, an inner
strength equal to ones of legend or history that we have admired, but not yet
realized in our selves. Test and trials of the faithful are readily
available, it is related throughout hisotry "the more faith you have, the
more tests and trials God, Exalted and Blessed is He, will place you under."

If it is the past that troubles you, know that the past is often healed by a
courageous heart and mind. If it is your future which troubles you, take the
step to begin the journey with a courage of those who have begun before you.
Have you ever heard the expression "Fake it till you make it," this 'borrowed
courage' of one's admired sometimes is just the right starting point to bring
you into awareness of your own inner strengths.

Are you being asked to make a leap of faith into an uncertain future? If so,
consider the sphere of your existence, where your courage lies between
acceptance and prayer. Thus this message is saying: If you react to the
present situation with panic or denial, there is no place for courage to take
hold. If the challenge confronting you feels overwhelming, think upon those
who have faced great adversity with grace, and pray for their example to
inspire you. Emulate the ones of grace and faith who have come and gone
before you but have left you their wisdom and guidance.

Time and again, the true test of courage is to live rather than to die, and
at other times to live through your dying, to survive the period of crisis
and complete your healing and your journey. Take comfort also from this:
There is purity of intimacy with our Creator arising from the small brave
acts that help us through each day.

For some, receiving this message may be a reminder to reach out and ask for
help. Taking the risk of reaching out is one of those acts of daily courage.
For others the message of courage announces that the cycle of sorrow and pain
has finally come to an end. Be at peace with your healing. You have walked
through the door and onto the path of true courage; now it is time to go out
into the world and live the life you are destined. Still for others, this
message brings the clarity of the fiercest of inner strength, in the face of
the ultimate test....that of facing the closing whilst one is still
experiencing the opening, the courage in this is to accept your destiny with
a sense of quiet faith, the mirror being wisdom, peace, and trust with the
One Who has chosen to bring His creation home to Him.