It has been said that "When we have compassion for one another, we shall be
of one mind," and another...."When you want for your brother more than
yourself, you shall have faith."

 One community, one faith, one mind, compassion and love for one another go
hand in hand and has been spoken of throughout the history of the world. For
in living a compassionate life, we are practicing the Presence of God,
Exalted and Glorious is He, in a simple and universal way. This message now
takes you to a reminder: Take time to show compassion to those we meet along
our way, to those whom we live with, to those whom we worship with, to those
whom we want to know, for if we hold no capacity for compassion for others,
none will hold compassion for us.

Many of compassion's qualities are found in other facets of healing, they
shine in forgiveness, trust, and love. All of these weave together in the
wholeness to which our true nature aspires.

If a family member or friend, or a member of your community, or even a
stranger, is sick or sorely troubled, truly receiving this message indicates
an opportunity for you to show your compassion through service. For some,
this message calls for a profound recognition: admitting to yourself
something that you have long denied, compassion. At such a challenging time,
remember to have compassion for your self. For others it is a serious wake up
call, those who have yet to find compassion for any but themselves.

If you are involved in physical healing, notice that in the circle of these
qualities, compassion lies in between fear and the Divine. As if to say that
fear, passing through the prism of compassion, is transformed into the energy
and radiance of Love and Faith.

To the compassionate self, truly receiving this message is a gentle reminder
that the
journey to wholeness is just that, a journey. Along the way, in your
meditations, in your prayers, ask to see the world through compassionate
eyes....with forgiveness, and love, filling your heart with a peace you will
never find, if you do not find compassion.