Bread of Life

"I am the bread of life," Jesus calls Himself.

Not only physical bread of which He spells.

Physical bread, of course, we need for our life sustained.

But alone, physical bread gives not a full meaning of life.

Love, Hope, Beauty, and Laughter All of them, feed the souls of lives.

Living Bread, only Jesus offers us, His siblings divine.

Above all, He provides us way of life.

He is a model for us to live relying

upon brothers and sisters without a bit of harm to them.

"I live because of Father" Jesus claims,

Bringing God the greater Glory,

Not diminishing the Father, neither His Name.

Then we live because of Christ, a benign Lamb.

He feeds us soul through the Sacrament

Of His Fleshy Bread and Bloody Wine.

Let us sing Him Glory; the Honor of His we must praise.

Lord God, make me your tool not because of me,

but for all of your Glory, forever, my prayers.

"Glory to You," I say till an eternal life.


In Christ, Marie Pascale.