Pope Francis gave Donald Trump three important gifts

Posted on May 25, 2017

Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good

Wednesday Pope Francis and Donald Trump met for the first time in Rome.

The Pope gave the President three gifts: his encyclical letter on the joy of the gospel, his encyclical letter on care for creation, and a medallion with St. Francis’s hymn on making an instrument of peace.

They each represent three areas where Francis wants to challenge Trump in his leadership of the United States.

Wednesday’s meeting with Pope Francis is a chance for Donald J. Trump to reset and reconsider his priorities as President of the United States.

He said he listened and would remember what Pope Francis had said to him.

If that’s true, we pray he works on creating a nation where the last are first, the poor are blessed, creation is protected, and strangers are welcomed. Building bridge—not building walls—is the faithful way forward for President Trump.

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We promise to hold President Donald J. Trump accountable to his word.

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