CPTNET Mar. 14, 1997

Fast for Rebuilding, Day 14: "Team Health Update" or "Guilt is a Good Motivator"

Team Health:

Cliff is feeling guilty because he feels so good after 13 days without food. Dianne feels guilty that she can't keep up with Cliff's fast pace. Anne feels guilty just because she's Catholic. Sara and Mark feel guilty because they can eat in the evening.

A SPECIAL NOTE FROM THE TEAM We have filled a bed-sheet one-quarter full of names of people worldwide who are fasting in solidarity at any level, in any way. We have over 100 people represented. We want to fill the sheet completely full.

If you are fasting or have fasted, or know of others -- perhaps from your church -- please, please let us know by emailing or calling the Chicago office at: CPT@igc.org; tel:312-455-1199. DO NOT ASSUME WE HAVE YOUR NAME. We need only your name and where you are from. If you have not yet fasted as a way of remembering Palestinians who face home demolition, PLEASE CONSIDER FASTING FOR A FEW DAYS, ONE DAY, OR FOR A MEAL, and be sure to let us know. Encourage your friends and family to join in the Fast for Rebuilding. Thanks for your help.

CPT Hebron

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