Complaint Filed with US Consulate by Cliff Kindy, 22 March, 1997

CPT Hebron appreciates the concern and helpfulness expressed by Kathy Riley at the consulate when she was called in the midst of the following incident. CPT files this complaint at her suggestion.

At about 2:30PM on 21 March, Dianne Roe, Anne Montgomery, and Cliff Kindy were walking back to their apartment from the Babazawia area of Hebron. The area near Beit Hadasseh settlement was crowded with settlers and 50 - 70 security personnel, both blue police and border police.

As they started through the crowds, three settlers moved to cut off Cliff's passage with their bodies. As he was blocked, a settler woman, from a foot away, spit squarely in his face. He smiled and ignored the act. By then settlers were pushing from all directions and were calling him a Nazi.

The blue police moved to intervene. An officer guided Cliff through the pushing crowd, but three times Cliff felt those guiding hands push him into settlers in front of him. Once it was a child Cliff had to pick up to keep from bowling him over.

During this time Anne was confronted by Anat Cohen, called a Nazi, and pushed by both settlers and police, but Dianne was able to make the passage while on the telephone without incident. After getting through the settler mob and walking just past the turnoff to Beit Romano, the officer pulled the three back to a parked police van. They were pushed in and driven past their apartment headed out of Hebron. The police said it was for CPT security, that the tension was dangerous. Yes it was , but at no point during the just-related incident did any of the numerous police restrain, by word or action, the settlers who were verbally and physically assaulting two of the three US citizens. All three were already weakened because this is day 21 of a 29 day fast to protest Israeli demolition of Palestinian homes.

They were told that their destination was Kiriat Arba. Diane called Kathy Riley at the US Consulate to relate our kidnapping as we approached the entrance. The three could feel the van move toward the entrance when it suddenly swerved into a u-turn. "Yalla," said the driver as he dumped them beside the road, in clear view of any settlers from whom they were supposedly being protected. They walked home.

The specific complaints are: 1. The settlers from whom CPT received the above treatment were not restrained. (Some are the same ones from whom CPT has received death threats in the past.) 2. The police assisted in the assault and then placed CPT in a comparable place of danger.

Thank you for any assistance you can offer in this instance. For peace and justice, CPT Hebron

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