Palestinian Co-Worker Beaten


There has been recurring violence just outside of Hebron, near Kiryat Arba settlement, regarding the beginning construction of a new road through Palestinian land. Reports indicate that a number of Palestinians were arrested and many beaten by soldiers. One of our co-workers was severely beaten.

Kauther Salem is a Palestinian journalist who has been very helpful to our team. Indeed, she has expressed real conviction in sharing our vision for a nonviolent presence working for peace with justice. Kauther was severely beaten last night while covering the beginning construction and ensuing clash between Palestinians and IDF soldiers. She was thrown to the ground, kicked and stomped upon, and dragged by her long black hair for 20-30 feet; blood poured from her head as other journalists filmed the event. She was then transported to a police station where she passed out and lay on the floor for hours. She was later admitted to Hadesseh Hospital in Jerusalem.. Another journalist said that he has not seen such brutality from IDF soldiers since the 1994 mosque massacre or the days of the Intifada. Kauther came by our tent today, bruised and broken and clearly shaken.