Palestinian Christians: Freedom Flotilla to break siege of Gaza

Posted on Jul 13, 2018

“It is so sad that they are still protesting for this basic right and that the international community has done nothing to help them after so many years.” (Photo: Courtesy of Medea Benjamin)

by Professor Mazin Qumsiyeh of Beit Sahour

Love and self-sacrifice characterize the team of the ships comprising the Freedom Flotilla – true heroism and working against all odds.

Dozens of the local organizers in host cities like Napoli, many ground crew working on things like logistics. Many of the ship crew who work hard to make sure the ship is always running, passengers who are joining to try to break the horrific siege on Gaza, committed reporters, donors, and friends from all over the world. The passengers include high profile individuals from parliamentarians [to accountants] to doctors to authors. You can help by making sure that we get good media and social media coverage.

One million children in Gaza are being poisoned by polluted waters (97% of Gaza aquifer water is polluted). We should all speak out.

We should not allow the super rich to keep getting richer by destroying the lives of millions of people. Gaza and the rest of Palestine under colonial occupation and siege exposes the hypocrisy of governments that speak about “democracy”. We ask – nay we demand – action; action from EVERYONE IS NEEDED NOW to help lift the siege on Gaza and to free Palestine. Action from Palestinians, from Israelis, from Internationals of all walks of life can be done now to pressure the media and governments to stop ignoring slow genocide.