Palestinian Chrisitans: News from the Palestine Institute of Biodiversity & Sustainability

Posted on Sep 4, 2019

by Prof. Mazin Qumsiyeh

We received notification of approval of funding for a major grant. We also submitted three papers for publications last week and one was also published last week (paper by Mohammad Najajrah based on his master thesis on ladybeetles in our area 46 pages in latest issue of Zootaxa).We also concluded a grant on cultural intangible heritage databases which so far has 1587 proverbs, 379 agricultural tools, 209 folkloric songs, 278 plants and more….

(see in Arabic).

We are hosting several volunteers and Jessie [Chang] (also volunteer) is in China learning about botanical gardens and herbaria. Classes started at colleges and universities (I teach a course in advanced molecular biology and another in fauna and flora). Staff are doing well despite the hardship of part-time employment. We thank
those who donated ( ).

Also from climate activist 16 y.o. Greta Thunberg: “My message to all the activists: to just keep going. And I know it’s — it may seem impossible and hopeless sometimes. It always does. So, you just have to continue, because if you try hard enough and long enough, you will make a difference. And if enough people stand together, fight for the right
thing, then anything can happen.”