The Palestinian Refugees
Bible and Right of Return
The Palocaust (Palestinian holocaust)
HOLOCAUST II (a Palestionian one)
 HISTORICAL Visit of Pope John Paul II
To Dheisheh Refugee Camp, Bethlehem,
Behtlehem, Palestine, March 23rd, 2000
We do not call on violence, we call on peaceful and just solutions for a just cause.

Palestinian refugees hope pope's visit will speed deliverance from camps , From AFP,  March 13, 2000
Dheisheh, Camp Conditions ( Church Media)
Dheisheh, and the Palestinians, Church Media
The Pope and the Refugees
Dheisheh gets ready for the Pope, Muna Muhaisen, March 20, 2000
Dheisheh big day, March 22, 2000
Pope John Paul II talk at Dheisheh Refugee Camp, March 22, 2000
Press Release from Dheisheh Refugee Camp, March 23, 2000
Open letter to the Pope from Dheisheh Refugee camp, March 23, 2000

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