February 25, 2000

A deliberate, and successful, effort had been made by the Zionist propaganda to cover up the truth about the Israeli-Arab conflict. Simha Flappan gave a detailed account of the realities in respect to seven myths related with the 1948 war in his book: The Birth of Israel: Myths and Realities. Norman G. Finkelstein devoted the major part of his book: Image and Reality of the Israel-Palestine Conflict to the hypocrisy, falsification of history, double talk, and deceit in Zionist declarations, writings and actions in a systematic and organized method in order to cover their real intentions.

The Zionist forefathers advocated the creation of an "Exclusive Jewish State" in Palestine as a solution to the "Jewish problem" with anti-Semitic Europe. Palestine, however, was not empty. By dispossessing and displacing the Fellahin in an economy based mainly on agriculture was tantamount to a declaration of war against the indigenous people of Palestine. It was very clear from the beginning that Zionist plans in Palestine were confrontational and had to be resisted in any way possible by a people attached to their lands.

Instead of admitting the injustice committed against the Arabs and righting the wrong done, the Zionists continued to depend on superior militarism as well as the support of the Western Great powers especially "Great Britain" between the two world wars and the U.S. since W.W.II. Moreover, deceit, playing and twisting of words, manipulation of semantics and rhetoric continue to be used to fool the whole world that they are really working for a "lasting peace" while they continue their occupation, oppression, killing of innocent civilians, and stealing of Palestinian lands. They use "security" and "terrorism" as a pretext to perpetuate their occupation.

The continued confiscation of Palestinian lands to build new Jewish settlements in the OPT make it clear that the Zionists are continuing their original strategic plans to achieve the original Zionist goal of building an "Exclusive Jewish State" in an unspecified area in and around Palestine. This is done through a tri-partite formula: "redeeming" more lands, more Jewish colonization settlers, and less Palestinian Arabs.

New waves of mass expulsions have not been overruled as an integral part of the Zionist strategy and ideology waiting for a convenient time.

In a speech to Bar-Ilan University students on 16 November 1989, Benjamin Netanyahu stated, "The government had failed to exploit internationally favorable situations, such as the Tianamen Square massacre in June 1989 when world attention and the media were focused on China, to carry out "large-scale" expulsions. I still believe that there are opportunities to expel many people". Netanyahu later denied making the remarks but the Jerusalem Post presented a tape recording of his speech. (Nur Masalha, A Land Without a People, p. 190, citing The Jerusalem Post, 19 November, 1989; Michael Palumbo, Imperial Israel, pp. 302 - 303).

Instead of implementing the agreements signed by the different Israeli governments since the notorious Oslo accords in 1993, Ehud Barak resorted to deceitful and procrastination tactics to buy time. When all these tactics failed to dictate humiliating surrender agreements on the Arabs, he resorted to the use of Israel's military edge and sent U.S.-supplied weapons against civil targets in Lebanon and supported his Foreign Minister's threats to burn Lebanon and kill children and was surprised with Arab anger in reaction to the war crimes committed in Lebanon.

Such a path could lead to a catastrophe.

Nizar Sakhnini