Music and cultural events featured in “This Week in Palestine”

Posted on Sep 1, 2018

Samia Khoury writes from East Jerusalem:

Here is the latest from This Week in Palestine [], and my apologies to those of you who have already subscribed on-line.

Enjoy this special issue that emphasizes our love for life, and the performing arts, which very often the occupation forces deprive us of.

Yesterday a Swedish teacher of music who was supposed to teach at the Edward Said National Conservatory of Music was returned to Sweden upon arrival at the Ben Gurion airport. WHY?? Does anybody have an answer?

However, We still love to sing, dance and listen to the many Palestinian orchestras.

The great turn out and interaction with the performers at the Jerusalem Festival of Yabous Cultural Centre was amazing. Four young women from the ESNCM joined the British Bond Quartet with a few pieces towards the end of a very lively performance that was sponsored by the British Council.

Yesterday was the closing night with Bara’em El-Funon Palestinian Popular Dance Troupe in a lively evening. The opening was a special program of music, dance, comedy to inaugurate the Feisal Husseini Hall at the centre, where the festival took place, and which was finally renovated for multi purpose functions including an orchestra pit.