Maryknoll: Middle East Notes, November 2019

Posted on Nov 5, 2019

Commentary: One State Solution or Impossibility: the Facts

There is one land between the Mediterranean and the Jordan; there are two peoples living on that land. Two separate states for the two peoples has been rejected by the Israelis, but still hoped for by the Palestinians, many Jews in the U.S., the UN and most nations of the world. The 8 million citizen population of Israel includes Palestinian citizens of Israel (approximately 20 percent of total citizens) named “Arab Israelis” by Jewish Israelis or “Arab citizens of Israel” or “Israeli Palestinians.” The Jewish Israelis exercise their democratic privileges and are under civil law. An equivalent number of Palestinians (other than “Arab Israelis” with restricted democratic privileges) have no democratic privileges and are under Israeli military law. The “status quo” now preferred and exercised by the Israeli government and people is in fact one apartheid state for two peoples. One vote for every person is the growing demand of the Palestinians. The Israelis have already created a bi-national state. Most observers are aware of this while most Israelis continue to deny the obvious.

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